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Introducing the Nashville Freedom Tour

Updated: Jun 14

Nashville Adventures leading a group of folks on a  freedom tour
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Hey there, history buffs and adventurers alike! Are you ready to step back in time and explore the rich, vibrant history of Nashville? Well, dust off your walking shoes and mark your calendars because the Nashville Freedom Tour is here!

Why Choose the Nashville Freedom Tour?

From June 26th to July 2nd, join us on a captivating journey through Music City’s past. This isn’t just any ordinary tour; it’s an immersive experience led by knowledgeable military veterans from Nashville Adventures. Here's what sets our tour apart:

  • Explore Battle Sites from the Civil War, where courageous soldiers fought for freedom.

  • Visit Civil War Hospitals, gaining insight into the challenges faced by medical staff and patients.

  • Stop by Prohibition Speakeasys and hear tales of bootleggers and rebellion during one of America’s most infamous eras.


What to Expect

Discover Nashville's Pivotal Moments

Our guides will transport you back to some of the most pivotal moments in American history. We'll start by exploring battle sites from the Civil War, where brave soldiers fought for the freedom of all Americans. You'll hear stories of their heroism and sacrifice as they fought for a cause they believed in.

Step into History at Civil War Hospitals

Next, we’ll visit civil war hospitals that served as a refuge for wounded soldiers. Here, you’ll gain insight into the challenges faced by medical staff and patients during this tumultuous time in our nation’s history. Imagine the bravery and resilience that filled those walls!

Uncover the Secrets of Prohibition Speak-Easy's

But it wouldn’t be a true Nashville experience without stopping at some prohibition speakeasys! These secret underground bars were a hotbed of rebellion during one of America’s most infamous eras. Hear stories of bootleggers and speakeasy owners who defied laws to serve alcohol and keep spirits high during a time of strict prohibition.

Join the Celebration

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate freedom and unity with your community. Whether you're a local tourist, a history enthusiast, or just someone looking for something exciting to do in Nashville—this tour has something for everyone.

Ready to Book?

It’s simple! Just head over to our website and book your spot on the Nashville Freedom Tour today. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this unique chance to walk through history, hear captivating stories, and gain a deeper appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Get ready to see Nashville like never before. We can’t wait to share this incredible experience with you!

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