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Get the most out of the Music City! Experience the history, southern charm and eclectic energy of Nashville by booking a tour today! 
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  • Nashville's ONLY Veteran Owned and Operated Tour Company
    Let me tell you, our tours are something special. Imagine being led around Nashville by the crème de la crème of guides – we're talking top-tier musicians, hardcore history buffs, and get this – every single guide is also a military veteran. Yep, you heard that right! These folks aren’t just about tales from the music city; they’re bringing the discipline, integrity, and a whole lot of heart they picked up in the service to make your experience nothing short of unforgettable. So, ready for a tour that’s as entertaining as it is enlightening, with a dash of military-grade excellence? Book Today
  • We Want You To Feel Like You Belong in Music City
    Hey there! So, we're going to play a little game of 20 questions—okay, maybe just a couple—to make sure your time in our city is nothing short of amazing. Where are you coming from, and how long are you planning to hang out with us? By getting the scoop on what tickles your fancy, we can tailor our suggestions to make your group's experience uniquely awesome. Pretty cool way to roll out the red carpet, don't you think?
  • Best Walking Tours in Nashville
    Hey there! Didn't get that thrill you were hoping for from our tours? No worries, just let us know! We're all about going the extra mile (and then some) to make sure your adventure in this city is nothing short of spectacular. Trust us, we want you grinning from ear to ear with those unforgettable moments!
  • The Music Never Ends
    Craving some top-notch tips and tricks? Don't worry, the adventure doesn't end with the tour! We've got a special number just for you—ring us anytime with all your burning questions. Trust me, the thrills are just getting started!


What a fun, informative tour! This was the perfect way to get to know Nashville and its history. Paul is funny and engaging. 5 stars +++!

Betsy via a Google Review

Paul's a fantastic tour guide! We bonded over him being an OEF vet and he gave us great bar and restaurant recommendations. This guy knows everything and everyone in town, I highly recommend booking with his company!

Mathew via a Googe Review

Our tour was led by Paul and he was amazing. What a great way to see the downtown with a local who knows the ins and outs and the history! Highly recommend it!!!

Tara via a Google Review


Nashville Adventures gives 1% back to Nashville on every purchase!

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